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Why You Should Register a Domain Name?

Register a Domain Name Because You Want Credibility

When you register a domain name you can build your credibility on the Internet. If you are wanting to bring your business online, or start a new one, then having a domain name is the first crucial step. There are many free web hosts out there where you can get a free web hosting account. You also get a web site address, but it is not one that you own and it is usually very long and very hard to remember.

When people visit the a site hosted by a free web hosting they can tell that you use a free host because of the URL. This lowers your credibility in their eyes and makes you look extremely unprofessional. So you can use a free host if you like, but if you are wanting to be actually successful with your business then you need to chose a domain name.

Register Your own Domain Name Because You Want to Have Control

Registering a domain name and putting up a web site is essential to your business. Putting up a web site also means that you have to find a suitable web hosting company. But what if you find later that your needs have changed and you want to change web hosting companies? Or what if something happens with your current web host that causes you to want to change hosts?

If you have purchased your own domain name and are not using a free web host, then you are completely covered no matter what your reasons are for wanting to change web hosts. Your domain name is totally movable. You can change web hosts and never have to change domain names, which means that people who have your site bookmarked or written down somewhere will always be able to come back to your site.

Register Your own Domain Name Because You Want to Market Your Web Site

Register your own domain name and open up more possibilities for marketing and promoting your web site on the Internet. There are quite a few directories and search engines that will not accept site submissions to them where the site does not have its own domain name. Some other web site owners and newsletter publishers also will not accept advertisements or link exchanges that include a domain name that the site does not own. This proves that owning your own domain name is a critical step if you are wanting to be successful.

Register Your own Domain Name Because You Want to Look Professional

When you register your own domain name you will cause your visitors and customers to see you as more professional. This is similar to the credibility issue discussed above. People feel that sites that own their own domain names are more professional that those that do not. How professional can you possibly be if you do not have the resources to purchase your own domain name or do not take the time to do it?

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